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29.04.2019 · 18:00

No Saluki puppies available

We have no Saluki puppies available. All puppies from C-litter have found their new lovely homes.

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20.01.2019 · 17:00

The last available saluki boy

Máme úplně posleního volného krátkosrstého pejska ve věku 5 měsíců – Cahzam Deluca Moravia. We have the last available smooth saluki boy, 5 months old – Cahzam Deluca Moravia. V…

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30.12.2018 · 09:00

All girls heading to new home + new photos

Adawiyah, Abiah and Ariella were taken over by their new owners during past few days. So we wish them very lovely moments in new homes and we are looking forward for their photos from their new places and we hope to meet them maybe at some show.

At photos are – the brown grizzle Anwar (photo 1–3) and grizzle Ayman (photo 4–6).

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4e8b5623d35fe.jpg 4e8b562426c73.jpg 4e8b56246d01c.jpg