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29.04.2019 · 18:00

No Saluki puppies available

We have no Saluki puppies available. All puppies from C-litter have found their new lovely homes.

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20.01.2019 · 17:00

The last available saluki boy

Máme úplně posleního volného krátkosrstého pejska ve věku 5 měsíců – Cahzam Deluca Moravia. We have the last available smooth saluki boy, 5 months old – Cahzam Deluca Moravia. V…

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30.12.2018 · 09:00

Happy Birthday Saluki A-litter

We are happy we can announce that our A-litter just achieved their first year of life.

So happy 1st birthday Deluca Moravia A-litter – Ammitai, Anwar, Ayman, Abiah, Adawiyah, Ariella.

Ammitai Anwar Ayman
Abiah Adawiyah Ariella