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20.01.2019 · 17:00

The last available saluki boy

Máme úplně posleního volného krátkosrstého pejska ve věku 5 měsíců – Cahzam Deluca Moravia. We have the last available smooth saluki boy, 5 months old – Cahzam Deluca Moravia. V…

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30.12.2018 · 09:00
29.12.2018 · 08:00

Available saluki boys

Máme stále 2 volné pejsky, 4 měsíce. We have still 2 available boys, 4 months old. Krátkosrstý pejsek Cahzam Deluca Moravia Kind smoth saluki boy Cahzam Deluca Moravia Dlouhosrstý…

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Central European Sighthound Show Topoľčianky, SK 11.8.2012

Adawiyah Deluca Moravia
Result: Young class – Excellent 1, CAJC, CESJW 2012, Junior BOB
Judge: Geir Kristiansen (NOR)



Happy Birthday Saluki A-litter

We are happy we can announce that our A-litter just achieved their first year of life.

So happy 1st birthday Deluca Moravia A-litter – Ammitai, Anwar, Ayman, Abiah, Adawiyah, Ariella.

Ammitai Anwar Ayman
Abiah Adawiyah Ariella

MVP Brno 23.6.2012

Result: Champion class – Excellent 2, Res.CACIB
Judge: Hana Petrusová

4ff6f336bea13.jpg 4ff6f3374423c.jpg

Result: Champion class – Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
Judge: Hana Petrusová

Conditions satisfied for achievement the Champion CZ.

MVP Brno 4.2.2012

Adawiyah Deluca Moravia
Result: Puppy class – Very Promising 1
Judge: Sistermann Elmar (D)


4f303678a7a3e.jpg 4f303679123e7.jpg

Photos of puppies from new homes

4f003d72263e0.jpg 4f003d9867338.jpg 4f003dc32f4bd.jpg
4f003dec3e6f8.jpg 4f003e0cb9da4.jpg 4f003e2fd3b54.jpg

PF 2012

Merry Christmas to all our friends, new owners of our puppies and all visitors of our pages. Many successes in year 2012 wishes kennel Deluca Moravia.

PF 2012

All puppies have their homes

We are proud we can announce that all our puppies of litter A have already their new loving homes.

We wish them very lovely moments and we are looking forward to meet them at some shows.

Ayman - new photos in 11 weeks

4e9c7e09713d6.jpg 4e9c7e0e95c1c.jpg 4e9c7e0f0138b.jpg 4e9c7e0f6664b.jpg

For more information and photos look in the Puppies section.
Pro více informací a fotek navštivte sekci Puppies.

Ayman and Anwar first time outside

Today was the big day for our last puppies. They experienced their first walk and free run for the first time in their lives.

4e8dd10090131.jpg 4e8dd100dcfa2.jpg 4e8dd1015e6d5.jpg 4e8dd101a9ec9.jpg
4e8dd101f3d39.jpg 4e8dd1024aa35.jpg 4e8dd10295b47.jpg 4e8dd102e0dd5.jpg

All girls heading to new home + new photos

Adawiyah, Abiah and Ariella were taken over by their new owners during past few days. So we wish them very lovely moments in new homes and we are looking forward for their photos from their new places and we hope to meet them maybe at some show.

At photos are – the brown grizzle Anwar (photo 1–3) and grizzle Ayman (photo 4–6).

4e8b56041f979.jpg 4e8b560465814.jpg 4e8b5604bc9e2.jpg
4e8b5623d35fe.jpg 4e8b562426c73.jpg 4e8b56246d01c.jpg
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